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Here are the Pretty Lovely Design services and pricing. Please note that some packages are based off an average and usually tailored specifically to your business. Let’s get started! At anytime you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Total Branding | $3000
A first impression can last forever and has the potential to make or break a deal. At Pretty Lovely Design we want to help create a total branding experience that is designed to meet your specific needs. We realize that not every client is the same, and want to get to know you and your style, and work with you to develop a brand for your business. Package details include: ProPhoto home and splash page, branding kit, logo design, and mini marketing design.


ProPhoto Blogsite | $1500+
At Pretty Lovely Design, blog design goes beyond making your blog beautiful (although we’re pretty good at that too!) The ProPhoto Blog Package is designed to meet your specific blogging needs. Your blog will not only be beautiful, but with this package, it will also be functional, easy to navigate and very user friendly. Package details include: ProPhoto website, blog design, and 2 interior pages.


Branding Identity | $1000+
Your “brand” is so much more than a name, a logo, or watermark; it will define you and your business. We want to help design a brand that meets your expectations and creates a design that best represents you and your business.
Package details include: Primary logo, alternate logo, watermark, 1 sub mark, and 3 brand elements, texture/pattern, social media icon set.


Logo Design | $700+
Let me help create a professional and unique design that will give a fresh and creative style to your business. Let me create a brand that you can be proud of and your clients can identify your business with! Package details include: One logo design and watermark. Includes logo design files.


Marketing Kit | $450-600
Let’s take your business marketing to the next level, and let me design a marketing kit designed specifically for your business needs. Let’s chat and come up with some ideas, and take your business to the next level! Please contact me for full details!

WordPress Website/Blog | $3000+
Wordpress websites can be as simple or as complex and functional as your business needs. Each project is quoted and specifically for you. Pricing is for design and development but please contact me for a specific price breakdown for your business needs.


MailChimp Newsletter Design | $200
Connect with your readers, customers, and potential customers through a newsletter. MailChimp is my go to newsletter source not only because it’s free but it’s extremely easy to use and navigate. Package includes: A standard MailChimp template created for your business using your graphics and content. Your new newsletter will be ready so you can update it as you need to send out new campaigns.


Big Cartel Design & Development | $1500+
Need a online shop? Big Cartel may be your solution. Prices vary based on needs and complexity. Please contact me for a price breakdown.


Hourly Work | $60/hr
All non package work usually falls into the hourly rate. This can vary depending on your project but hourly work is also great for maintenance, updates, and simple projects. As always, feel free to contact me for quoted hourly work or for custom packages tailored to your business.


Additional Services | Varies
Want me to work on a project that’s not listed here? Or do you have a Shopify or development project you want me to work on? Email me! I love to chat up new projects.


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