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Well + Wonder curates an online gallery of southern art in a price range fit for collectors—those buying their first pieces, and established collectors looking for a fresh perspective. Stocked with original art and artist profiles, it’s a virtual studio tour of the south.


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I was very grateful to have found Shalon Estrada after a somewhat lengthy search for a website developer and designer who was proficient in Shopify. Shalon was one of the few that checked all the boxes and helped us move our custom built e-commerce site to a Shopify store. The change has done wonders for my business but on top of it all, she is a designer with a wonderfully creative eye. She has also built out two other areas of our business (Walls of Wonder and TWCG respectively) and designed the branding to live well with our current branding and site design. I highly recommend Shalon - she is creative, responsive, and a hard worker! I'm so grateful to have found her.

Mollie, Well + Wonder Collective

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